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What is this tool?

This tool is a GUI to enable users to generate queries and query single/multiple documents. Download latest version here

How can it be used?

1.Open an XML document and navigate the tree to generate the path you want to query which will appear in the path combo box like windows explorer.

2.Then click the 'Q' button to issue the query to either XML documents whose path have been specified in menu project->settings or the current document.

3. A new xml document will appear with the results of the query you issued.

4.Save the query results if required.

For eg if i have many lesson xml documents all of which have glossary as one of its elements. I can create a new XML document with all the glossary and save it seperately.

Who will find this tool useful

Anyone who deals with XML filesand needs to query XML may find this useful. Programmers who deal with xml files/XSLT may use it to generate XPATH queries to use in their code. (just the way i use Windows explorer to generate paths to put into my code and to cd into some dir)

Why are you developing this tool?

When i was working with a lot of xml , i found the need for such a tool. All the existing xml databases convert the xml documents into some native format / databases so i could not store my data in them as the data i dealt with kept changing. This is a simple/non complicated tool. But my guess is some people may find it useful.

What will this tool evolve into?

There has been enormous activity in querying xml in the database community. W3C has come out with XQuery and is being implemented by major players. This tool is being developed as a front end to generate basic queries so that end users


Because I thought it was the fastest way to develop a user friendly application . But im not too sure now because MFC seems to put limits to your imagination. I have coded in Swing before and I could imagine a GUI and implement it with ease in Swing. This does not seem to be the case with MFC. May be i am not looking in the right places or maybe i just dont get it!!!.... But then Java has its problems too, for eg as an end user, i never felt comfortable with an java app. So why am i writing all this here........

Bugs/Things to do

1. I cant figure out how to close the first document which opens. (used the MFC MDI wiz)

2. Make the XPathServer class a COM Component. So that it can be used with MSXML , Xerces.

3. Figure out how to add facilities so that users can combine two XPath queries, use the FOR LET clauses offered by XQuery etc.

4. Probably a few other bugs i dont know about.


Srinivasan Sudhir


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